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Aglidican Rift: Revamped by OblivionDawn Aglidican Rift: Revamped by OblivionDawn
Start log. This is Project Leader Dr. Armon Eminus, overseeing the first official test of the Aglidica Temporal Avulsion Craft, here on referred to as "ATAC-1." The date is October 23rd, 3428. After years of research and development, I believe our objective to induce time travel through mass manipulation will become reality. I'm aboard the ATAC-1 with pilot Marc Suremn and co-pilot Adam Menimot. The 17 other members of the project team are in orbit around Kolnami III, surveying what is sure to be another groundbreaking achievement for the Aglidica Innovations Corporation. We're all ready to begin here, Marc, spin up the engines and I will walk you through using the Temporal Distortion Drive. Log, begin survey mode.

[10.23.3428|18:23:16] Automatic survey mode initialized, awaiting information.
[10.23.3428|18:24:29] ATAC Online.
[10.23.3428|18:24:40] Primary engines spinning up.
[10.23.3428|18:24:45] Mass Manipulator online.
[10.23.3428|18:24:51] Temporal Distortion Drive spinning up.
[10.23.3428|18:26:04] Primary Engines online. Accelerating towards planned route.
[10.23.3428|18:29:13] Arrived at route.
[10.23.3428|18:30:06] Beginning acceleration loop 1 of 4.
[10.23.3428|18:33:23] Approaching 50 percent of projected speed, inertial dampers at 50 percent.
[10.23.3428|18:33:35] Temporal Distortion Drive online.
[10.23.3428|18:33:39] Crew heart rates increasing.
[10.23.3428|18:34:04] Beginning acceleration loop 4 of 4.
[10.23.3428|18:34:57] Projected speed reached, maintaining vector.
[10.23.3428|18:35:46] Generating Temporal Distortion Field.
[10.23.3428|18:35:52] Trans-Dimensional shielding established and holding at 98 percent.
[10.23.3428|18:36:16] Mass Manipulator active, ATAC mass spiking.
[10.23.3428|18:39:17] Gravitational singularity established.
[10.23.3428|18:36:19] Spacetime rupture detected.
[TIMESTAMP ERROR] Spacetime coordinate grid lost, indicating interdimensional transit.
**[TIMESTAMP ERROR] Hull fracture event.**
[TIMESTAMP ERROR] Hull integrity severely compromised.
[TIMESTAMP ERROR] Propulsion systems offline.
[TIMESTAMP ERROR] Navigation systems offline.
**[TIMESTAMP ERROR] Powergrid and Life Support offline.**


AIC Asset Recovery Drone RD-147 Online. Awaiting Commands.

[10.24.3428|07:05:36] Beginning salvage mission of Project ATAC.
[10.24.3428|07:07:03] Significant spacetime anomaly detected at coordinates: (ERROR)
[10.24.3428|07:07:56] Exiting warp at minimum safe distance.
[10.24.3428|07:08:30] Initializing asset recovery protocol: (Catastrophic Cosmic Event)
[10.24.3428|07:08:40] Scanning for life signs... 0 of 20 members detected.
[10.24.3428|07:10:01] Scanning for ATAC-1... Not found.
[10.24.3428|07:11:58] Scanning for Survey Station Kolnami III... Unrecoverable debris found.
[10.24.3428|07:14:22] Scanning for deceased crew members... Unrecoverable debris found.
[10.24.3428|07:25:06] Analyzing spacetime anomaly:
-Scans indicate a volatile flux of various cosmic energies within the rift.
-Attempts to probe spatial and temporal coordinates within the rift provide impossible results.
-Visual analysis shows numerous stellar objects, many of which are host to colonized planets, accelerating towards rift epicenter at high speeds.
-Preliminary casualty predictions are in the billions.
-Trend analysis show that rift will stabilize within 90-105 days.
-After stabilization, space will be inhospitable and impassable for a considerable radius around rift epicenter.
[10.24.3428|08:43:19] Salvage mission complete.
[10.24.3428|08:50:53] (AIC R&D Department Chair Authorization) Final conclusion of AIC Project ATAC:



Backstory for the Aglidican Rift:…
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